Session Guidelines

ABOUT ME  I’ve been an avid photographer since I received my first camera when I was eight.  My passion has continued to grow over the years, until now my excitement is barely containable!  When I’m not doing portraits, I can usually be found out and about with my camera trying to see what photographic “trouble” I can get into. As a mother with five grown children I know how elusive time can be.  Those precious moments just slipped by so quickly. The immortal words of Paul Simon say it so well, “Time it was and what a time it was. It was…a time of innocence, a time of confidences.  Long ago it must be…I have a photograph.  Preserve your memories…They’re all that’s left you.”  As in a beautiful sunset or vista, I long to capture those precious memories and create timeless pieces that your family will cherish for generations.  If what you’re looking for is an inexpensive, cookie-cutter “mall” photograph, then I’m not the photographer for you.   But, if you want sensitive, real and creative portraits, then please call me to book your appointment.   I look forward to meeting your family and your little ones.


MY PERSONAL STYLE is relaxed, simple and casual which makes for more honest and intimate portraits.  I prefer to use soft available light whenever possible.  Quiet observation on my part allows me to capture all the little natural expressions that make your child unique – the silly, the serious, the pouting, the smiling (not cheesy). I want to not only document your beautiful memories, I want you to “feel”  the image and the memory it invokes.


LOCATIONS – Prior to your session we will discuss whether a studio environment or an outdoor location would be best for your situation.  Sessions can be held at an agreed upon location in the Fairfield or Napa area,  at a favorite park, or at my home studio to take advantage of the great window light and my many props.  Occasionally, we can shoot in your home if the light is good.  There will be an additional travel charge for locations 25 miles or more out of the general Fairfield area.


LENGTH OF SESSION I will work with you and take whatever time is needed to create for you creative and unique images.  The session can take anywhere from 1 – 3 hours.  Newborns typically take about three hours to allow for baby to feed and fall asleep so they can be more easily coaxed into creative positions.


CLOTHING is very important in a photograph.  I recommend layers as much as possible to add interest and texture, chunky sweaters, ruffles, buttons.  Bright colors are a favorite for children’s portraiture. Feel free to bring along several outfits to the session.  If your child is up to it, we can change as many times as you want.  Hats, scarves, fun necklaces, funky boots, tights, leggings, all make for great interest.

 NEWBORNS look most natural in their “birthday suits” rather than bulky clothing, but feel free to bring a favorite blanket or stuffed animal if you like.

FAMILIES always look best in coordinating colors.  Try to avoid matching too much.   You want each person to look a little unique but staying within the color scheme.  Dark jeans paired with coordinating colors are always a good choice.

SENIORS look best in what they feel attractive wearing.  Feel free to bring two or three outfits that flatter and express YOU.


PREPARATION is really important.  Make sure everyone is rested and well fed.  Naptime is not a good time to book your session.  Newborns usually sleep for long periods after they are fed and are best photographed within the first 2 weeks of birth, preferably within the first 5-10 days.  IF YOU ARE PREGNANT call me before you deliver so we can get you scheduled before your life gets crazy.


VIEWING YOUR PORTRAITS after the session.  I will send you a sneak peak shortly after the session to share with friends and family.  Approximately 10-14 days after the session, a password-protected gallery will be available on-line to view and place your print order for ONE WEEK ONLY.  We can also set up an viewing appointment either at your home or my home studio.


PORTRAITS PRICES  See my Print Pricing list.  Because I must limit the number of sessions I book each month, there is a MINIMUM $300 PRINT ORDER PER SESSION.

Prices are always subject to change.